Monday, September 6, 2010

Event for the day: Cabin decoration

Cabin decoration event made us think in a more innovative way, it was an overall team effort put in for the event. It is truly a great event which we have come across after “Vegetable carving”. As a team, we just enjoyed being with each other and decorating our cabin in a different way. We thought of many ideas, but finally decided to decorate our cabin as a courtroom. It was really a brilliant idea suggested by our TL. We decorated our cabin just like a courtroom, with all the necessary things like Witness box, Judge’s cabin, Goddess of Justice holding the two scales and blind folded etc. With this idea of decorating our cabin as a courtroom, we also wanted to make it more conceptual, so we added a new concept called “Online court”(which is already in use in the western parts). As we had to explain the concept of “Online Court” we took one case and all our team members participated in enacting this small case. Case: “Girl friend dispute” Lawyer: Vijay Murugan Client: Bhaskar Lawyer: Archana (Dealing with the client who is in London with the help of “Online court” concept) Client: Siddu Case story: Bhaskar was madly in love with a girl called Anamika, when the girl was very young (16-17), he gave her all happiness by spending lots of money on her, getting her costly things etc. The girl doesn’t love Bhaskar anymore as she is old enough to decide things for her future and is happily staying with Siddu who is in London. Bhaskar being very upset with the girl has filed a case against Siddu telling that he has forcefully taken her with him. But Siddu denies telling that he has not forced her for anything instead it’s her own wish to stay with him, as she is a major now and not a small girl whom Bhaskar knew. Proofs: 1. Money spent on her by Bhaskar with his credit card and debit cards, her love letters written to him when she was just 16-17 2. A fax sent by Siddu undersigned by Anamika stating that she is happily staying with Siddu in London and does not love bhaskar anymore. Judge’s decision on the case: The case looks unique and with further proofs and witnesses available something can be decided