Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 new members of Systest

System Testing Team in Cymfony has become the biggest team in CNPL. We welcome 2 new members into System Testing team.

1. Mr. Prakash N Dangi:

Mr. Prakash has 2+ years experience in testing field. He has passed out MCA from K L E College of Engineering and Technology, Belgaum in 2007.

His favorite hobbies are reading books, listing to music, watching movies and playing cricket.

2. Avadesh Jha

Avadesh called "Abhi" in the team is the youngest team member who has just passed out from Babu Banarasi National Institute of Technology and Management Lucknow (U.P)

His favourite hobbies are listening to songs, playing cricket. Sourav Ganguly is his favourite cricketer.

Tricks on testing

1. Testers should have a great presence of mind
2. Testers should learn from others mistakes, bugs.
3. Pay attention to every small, in-significant change that happen around them while testing. In other words, they work with one extra eye that keeps track of surroundings.
4. Tend to take “un-treaded“paths. Do something that is special in given circumstances
5. Think out of the box always.
6. High perseverance. Never give up!!

Tips on finding bugs

1)Understand the whole application or module in depth before starting the testing.
2)Prepare good test cases before starting off with testing, as in give stress on the functional test cases which includes major risk of the application.
3)Create a sufficient test data before tests, this data set includes the test case conditions and also the database records if you are going to test DB related application.
4)Perform repeated tests with different test environment.
5)Try to find out the result pattern and then compare your results with those patterns.
6)When you think that you have completed most of the test conditions and when you think you are tired somewhat then do some monkey testing.
7)Use your previous test data pattern to analyze the current set of tests.
8)Try some standard test cases for which you found the bugs in some different application. Like if you are testing input text box try inserting some html tags as the inputs and see the output on display page.
9)Last and the best trick is try very hard to find the bug As if you are testing only to break the application!

Musings on Testers

Testers Mantras

1. We don't make software, but we make software better.

2. Software Testing is the only place where failure is always an option.

3. We break software so you don't have to.

4. Software Testing: The Bug Stops Here

5. We don't find bugs by chance , we create them by choice

Newton’s law on Testers

Bugs can neither be created nor be removed from software by a developer. It can only be converted from one form to another. The total number of bugs in the software always remains constant

Testing Definition

"To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing."

Sign On Testers Doors

Do not disturb. Already disturbed !!!