Monday, December 6, 2010

General Info on Test Management Tool


A tool that provides support to the test management and controls the part of a test process. It often has several capabilities, such as test ware management, scheduling of tests, and the logging of results, progress tracking, incident management and test reporting.

Some benefits of using test management tool:

1. Creates an unlimited amount of test cases.
2. Links test cases to products and components being tested.
3. Links requirements to tests and issues.
4. Test cases tree (hierarchical folders) provides a familiar method for organizing requirements and test cases.
5. Group any number of test cases into test sets according to the testing procedure design.
6. Assign test cases to specific resources and track progress and current status of local and off shore work force.
7. Easily maintain regression and sanity sets as product testing moves forward.
8. Dashboard customization per user enables a quick review on testing progress, product quality etc.
9. Export test cases to Excel, Word or email.
10. Define when an alert should be sent and to whom using the email notification system.

About Test Automature (Test Management Tool)

Brief explanation:

Automature has three products right now namely Zermatt, Zug and Zuoz. There are two more products named Nyon and Davos which are in the development stage.
Zermatt is a dashboard at the core of the Automature products and includes the user interface for complete planning and reporting and the data warehouse.
Zug provides an execution environment for tests specified using CHUR. ZUG is platform independent and can be used on any environment that supports the Java Runtime Environment.
Zuoz is a collection of atom and molecule libraries, organized by application domain and functionality, intended to be used in test case design using the CHUR syntax.
(Chur: Chur is Automature's test specification language that allows users to describe test case logic in a manner that is intuitive to the test design process, as well as it is efficient and powerful enough to describe very complex scenarios in a simple manner.)

Features supported:

• Specifying Requirements
• Planning Tests
• Specifying Releases and Cycles
• Specifying Test cases
• Requirement & Test case Tagging
• Version control
• Test case prioritization
• Running Tests
• Capturing test results
• Test history
• Multiple user access for each project
• Different user Roles and Permissions
• Multiple project handling
• Data to/from external source (Word, Excel)
• Build wise test results
• Alerting on Changes
• Document Generation
• Test Auditing

For detailed information regarding each of these products, kindly visit the Products page of this website

Trip Updates

The team's planning to go to ONE of the below places

1) Pondicherry
2) Shivanasamudra
3) Hogenikle

Suggestions are welcome by others if there are any other Interesting places in and around Bangalore.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Funny Memorable moments in the last month

1) Vijay Murugan’s Anaconda Dance
2) Amar’s tumkas on the song “Apne to Aise Jaise"
3) Prakash's Sadhu avatar on one of the most famous songs "Dhum Aur Dhum"
4) Awadesh as a Ghost