Thursday, January 6, 2011

Team Outing

The Team Outing done in the year 2010

We had 2 team outings this year which was a half yearly team outing and an Annual team outing

Firstly the half yearly outing was in the month of --------------- and we all had been to Asia’s largest mall which is very close by to ur office i.e. Mantri Square and had a great time watching the movie RAAJNEETHI. We all enjoyed the movie and stayed back for a good evening snacks and headed back home. Inspite of having very less time to spend with each other in a group we did enjoy every aspect of our outing to the maximum extent.

Secondly the annual team outing was in the month of December and we had been to The GOLDEN TEMPLE in Vellore and on the way back we had been to YELAGIRI HILLS also called as Poor Man’s Ooty .

Our entire outing was filled with lots of fun and the main person to keep us lively throughout was our Automation Senior Vijay Murugan

The most beautiful experience which could be recollected by everyone would be the hill top trekking which we did for almost 2 hours where we came across beautiful farm which was filled with delightful yellow flowers which reminded us of DDLJ movie and all of us enjoyed the scenic beauty of the hills.

Our trip ended by our visit to a Murugan temple on the hill top and headed back to Bangalore

We enjoyed a lot and had a great time with each other which is truly memorable by everyone in the team.

Annual team outing:

Software testing best practices -- By Ram Chillarge

Test Management tools evaluated

Team has done the analysis on the folowing test management tools.
1. TestRun
2. Testuff
3. Vienna (nmaqa)
4. Chrysilla
5. Testlink
6. Testlog
7. Automature
8. Aptest Test
9. Rth Test
10. QA-Complete
11. Spira

Will update the blog once we come to the conclusion on which one use