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Health tips by Awadesh

Health and Fitness has now become one of the major concerns. Earlier humans used to hunt for their living, due to which their body had to undergo a lot of physical exercise. This made life active and alert. Now, life has become more simple and easy. Everything we need is just a phone call away. This easy life has restricted humans to do that bit of physical exercise which is required to keep the body fit and healthy. We get instant, spicy and variety of food which lose their nutrition during the process.
How do we ensure that we have all that we need to have a healthy living? This is a big question among everyone. We need proper nutrition and a fit and healthy body. Good Health is all that one craves for. Becoming healthier and fitter though not very difficult needs dedicated efforts.

Nutrition and Health Diet
The basic foundation for a healthy individual starts from his foetal stage with proper and healthy nutrition derived from his or her mother. Hence, a pregnant woman's diet stands atop all diets.

Your food shall be your medicine. Ayurveda has postulated the role of food and especially nutritive foods for maintaining health as well as cure of diseases. Nutrients are necessary for the proper functioning of mental, physical, metabolic, chemical and hormonal activities. The body is like a machine that will repair and rebuild itself if proper nutrition is provided by way of food.
Sumptous nutrition is available in fruits and vegetables. Fruits have the capacity to give all that a body needs. How to consume? What to consume? Which fruit helps in which way? The answers to these questions can be found in our Nutrition and Healthy Diet

Exercise and Fitness
Simple fitness exercises can help to have a fitter and healthy life. Stretching exercises can help in many ways in mainting a fitter body. Weight loss can be achieved by following simple effortless regular exercises. Medical breakthroughs can happen by regular meditation and exercising. Yoga and other workouts which can be performed easily are available in this website to keep you fit and healthy.
Health and Fitness can make all that difference in one's life. Healthy living is all that one needs, and to achieve that we picked up the best of the articles from reliable sources and have presented here in an organized manner. You might not be able to spend your valuable time on complicated medications and diet controls, but, you can find articles to help you have a better living using simple and easy technics.
Ayurveda, a science in vogue practiced since centuries, uses a wide variety of plants, animal origin substances, mineral and metallic substances to rebalance the diseased condition in the sick. A few tips on simple treatment of life style diseases have been carefully picked for the visitors of this website. These tips can help reduce or control diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.
Yoga for good health
This section provides you with various articles related Yoga and other technics to manage your daily life.
This section provides you with informative articles on Yoga. Simple technics and tips to maintain good health. Before starting to work on Yoga, one has to understand yoga better. For attaining a healthy life, physical excercises, yoga technics need to be practiced with utmost care. These should however be practiced under the supervision of a trained person.
You can find Helpful articles on Yoga, easy to follow yoga Tips and Technics. Introduction to Yoga and its benefits to attain healthy life. Simple and easy to follow physical exercises help you in your daily routine.
Articles for stress relief and eye strain below gives you easy to follow tips and technics to overcome stress and also treat your eyes. These technics result in stress relief and treatment to your eyes.
General Health Care
Tummy troubles and treatment: Is that terrible tummy ache taking the wind out of your sails? Making you sleepless, stressed, and irritable? Well, it’s not just your mind that is irritated but something deep down in your belly your bowel! Get up and get cracking
Weaning the child from breast feeding: Weaning should be a very slow activity. It is a very difficult phase in the baby's growing stage.
A complex breakfast can keep kids mentally healthy: The child's breakfast should be nutrious so that they do not get into depression.
Keep a watch on your wasteline for a healthy living: Expanding wastelines could become hazardous.
Keep a watch on your cholesterol levels: High cholesterol levels can be controlled but exercise and diet.

Software testing life cycle

Software testing life cycle identifies what test activities to carry out and when (what is the best time) to accomplish those test activities. Even though testing differs between organizations, there is a testing life cycle.

The software testing life cycle (STLC) identifies all testing activities and their relationship with other activities in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

What Does Testing Involve?
• Testing = Verification + Validation
• Verification: building the product right
• Validation: building the right product
• A broad and continuous activity throughout the software life cycle
• An information gathering activity to enable the evaluation of our work
-Does it meet the user’s requirements?
-What are the limitations?
-What are the risks of releasing it?

Software Testing Life Cycle consists of six (generic) phases:
• Test Planning
• Test Analysis
• Test Design
• Construction and verification
• Testing Cycles
• Final Testing and Implementation
• Post Implementation

Software testing has its own life cycle that intersects with every stage of the SDLC. The basic requirements in software testing life cycle is to control/deal with software testing – Manual, Automated and Performance.

Test Planning
This is the phase where Project Manager has to decide what things need to be tested, do I have the appropriate budget etc.
Naturally proper planning at this stage would greatly reduce the risk of low quality software. This planning will be an ongoing process with no end point. Activities at this stage would include preparation of high level test plan-(according to IEEE test plan template The Software Test Plan (STP) is designed to prescribe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of all testing activities. The plan must identify the items to be tested, the features to be tested, the types of testing to be performed, the personnel responsible for testing, the resources and schedule required to complete testing, and the risks associated with the plan.). Almost all of the activities done during this stage are included in this software test plan and revolve around a test plan.

In Test Planning following are the major tasks:
1. Defining scope of testing
2. Identification of approaches
3. Defining risk
4. Identifying resources
5. Defining Time Schedule

Test Analysis
Once test plan is made and decided upon, next step is to deal a little more into the project and decide what types of testing should be carried out at different stages of SDLC, do we need or plan to automate, if yes then when the appropriate time to automate is, what type of specific documentation I need for testing.
Proper and regular meetings should be held between testing teams, project managers, and development teams, Business Analysts to check the progress of things which will give a fair idea of the movement of the project and ensure the completeness of the test plan created in the planning phase, which will further help in enhancing the right testing strategy created earlier. We will start creating test case formats and test cases itself. In this stage we need to develop Functional validation matrix based on Business Requirements to ensure that all system requirements are covered by one or more test cases, identify which test cases to automate, begin review of documentation, i.e. Functional Design, Business Requirements, Product Specifications, Product Externals etc. We also have to define areas for Stress and Performance Testing.

Test Design
Test plans and cases which were developed in the analysis phase are revised. Functional validation matrix is also revised and finalized. In this stage risk assessment criteria is developed. If you have thought of automation then you have to select which test cases to automate and begin writing scripts for them. Test data is prepared. Standards for unit testing and pass / fail criteria are defined here. Schedule for testing is revised (if necessary) & finalized and test environment is prepared.

Construction and verification
In this phase we have to complete all the test plans, test cases, complete the scripting of the automated test cases, Stress and Performance testing plans needs to be completed. We have to support the development team in their unit testing phase. And obviously bug reporting would be done as when the bugs are found. Integration tests are performed and errors (if any) are reported.

Testing Cycles
In this phase we have to complete testing cycles until test cases are executed without errors or a predefined condition is reached. Run test cases --> Report Bugs --> revise test cases (if needed) --> add new test cases (if needed) --> bug fixing --> retesting (test cycle 2, test cycle 3….).

Final Testing and Implementation
In this we have to execute remaining stress and performance test cases, documentation for testing is completed / updated, provide and complete different matrices for testing. Acceptance, load and recovery testing will also be conducted and the application needs to be verified under production conditions.

Post Implementation
In this phase, the testing process is evaluated and lessons learnt from that testing process are documented. Line of attack to prevent similar problems in future projects is identified. Create plans to improve the processes. The recording of new errors and enhancements is an ongoing process. Cleaning up of test environment is done and test machines are restored to base lines in this stage.

Software Testing Life Cycle Models

Important software testing links:

Kannada Sahitya Sammelana

Kannada Sahitya Sammelana

Kannada Sahitya Sammelana (Kannada Literature Conference) is the premier gathering of writers, poets and kannadigas. It is held with the aim of preserving and developing Kannada language, its literature, arts, culture and music. It was started in 1915 and held at Bangalore for the first time. It used to be inaugurated by prominent writers and poets from 1915 to 1948. Since then it has been inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The Kannada Sahitya Parishat is responsible for holding the gathering.

Bangalore to host 77th Kannada Sahitya Sammelan:
Kannada Sahitya Sammelana 2011 will be hold upon 4th February. It will be organized by Kannada Sahitya Parishat. It is a Kannada Literature Conference. This is a 77th Akila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana at the National College (Basavanagudi) grounds in Bangalore on December 24, 25 and 26 after a gap of 40 years. It is an entertainment of writers, poets as well as Kannadigas.

The Main Aim:
The main aim of Kannada Sahitya Sammelana is of preserving and developing Kannada language, its literature, arts, culture and music. Kannada Sahitya Sammelanna was started in 1915 and held at Bangalore for the first time. Upto 1948 by prominent writers and poets it has been inaugurated. Since then it has been inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Kannada Saahithya Parishath is an Indian non-profit organization that promotes the Kannada language. Its headquarters are in the city of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, India. Kannada Saahithya Parishath strives to promote Kannada through publishing books, organizing literary seminars and promoting research projects. Kannada Saahithya Parishath also organizes an annual conference on Kannada literature called, Kannada Sahithya Sammelana.

Venue Detail:
National College ground (Basavanagudi) Bangalore.

For more details (List of Kannada Sahitya Sammelana) click on the below link: