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Software Testing is a critical element of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate process to ensure the correctness of the product.

Software Testing: Testing is the process of executing a program with intent of finding errors.

# What is the purpose of testing:-

-To show the software works: - it is known as demonstrated oriented.
-To show the software doesn’t work: - it is known as destruction oriented.
- To minimize the risk of not working up to acceptable level. It is known as evaluation oriented.
-To show the product is free from defect.

Why do we need test:-

Defect can exist in the software, as it is developed by human who can make mistakes during the development of software. It is the primary duty of a software vendor to ensure that software doesn’t have defect, error free application or product.

# The most common origin of software bug is due to

-Poor understanding and incomplete requirement
-Unrealistic schedule
-Fast changes in requirement
-Too many assumptions and compliancy

# Approaches to testing:

1. Debug oriented.
2. Demonstration oriented.
3. Evaluation oriented.
4. Prevention oriented.

# Purpose of debugging: Find the error/misconception that led to failure and implement progress changes that correct the error.

# Test Case: - Test case is an identify associated with program behavior it has set of input and list of expected output.

# What is bug: - Software did not operate as intended.

# Importance of Testing:-

-Testing is a critical element of s/w QA.
-Post release removal of defects in the s/w most expensive.
-Significant portion of life cycle effort expanded on testing.

# Mainly Testing Involves:

-Plan for Testing
-Design test conditions, cases.
-Develop test data.
-Create required test environment
-Execute tests
-Analyze actual result with expected results.
-Results: Test Passed or Failed.

# Level of Testing:

1. Unit Testing
2. Integration Testing
3. System Testing
4. User Acceptance Testing.

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