Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SILK Automation framework used in Cymfony- By Vijay Murugan

Cymfony Automation Frame Work:-

Automation Framework is a concept, similar to OOPs. Automation Framework is an advanced thought from Record Playback or writing some functions and executing them.

Automation Framework is a discipline and should have proper design/architecture. Automation Framework should have some of following components.

Components of a Framework:-

1. AUT Specific libraries
2. Tool wrapper function libraries.
3. Execution Engine (Script Execution should be derived
based on given test data) Data Driven
4. Results reporting mechanisms (PASS & FAIL for each test cases/procedures and
compiled results for all. Itwould be better,if it captured AUT's snapshots)
5. Planning for long term automation.
6. Keeping GUI objects info/declarations dynamicallyor static.
7. Planned approach of unattended execution.

Also framework design differs by tool, scripting languages and type of AUT etc,

Cymfony is using automation framework called “oops automation framework”

Oops framework is a combination of two or more frame works.
Oops framework Architecture as follows:-


1.WebDeclares.inc : will have Connection to client database &input excel
2.Product_Declares .inc & Global Var.inc : Will have Reusable functions.
3.Testcases.t : will have All Test case Scripts
4.Main.pln : Will have list of executable test cases
5.Main.res : Will have Results

Advantage of Framework:-

1.Reusability of utility Script.
2.Using package of Object Identify.
3.Dynamic object identification
4.Easy to Debugs

Disadvantage of Framework:-

1.If any changes happen in the page design we need to change the pervious scripts for the new design.

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