Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Trip Updated

Team Outing 2011
We had 2 team outings this year which was a half yearly team outing and an Annual team outing

Firstly the half yearly outing was in the month of July month and we all had been to Asia’s largest mall which is very close by to ur office
i.e. Mantri Square and had a great time playing the snow ball. We all enjoyed and had lunch and stayed back for a good evening snacks and headed
back home. Inspite of having very less time to spend with each other in a group we did enjoy every aspect of our outing to the maximum extent.

Secondly the annual team outing was in the month of December and we had been to (Bangalore-->Somnath Temple-->Talkad-->Bangalore) The Sonath pura (SOMNATH TEMPLE) and after that we had been to
Talkad here we enjoyed very much (Cooking,swimming, playing etc)

Actually we started the journy at 6:30 AM from banglore on the way we had Breakfast in very good Restaurant Adidas and moved to the Shivanasmudra
after by some some time we reached
Somnath Pura in this place we visited SOMNATH TEMPLE
Really this is Historically temple we spent there aroun 40 minuts
after that we moved to the Talghat
when we reached the talghat first we searched qiute place and there we cokked lunch (Prepared by our senior system tester Siddu) Really it was very Testy
lunch after that all of us had lunch then go for the Swimming
The most beautiful experience which could be recollected by everyone would be the swimming in The river(Kavery River) we enjoyed there around 3 hours
But due to short time we were not enable to go Shivanasamudra thatswhy we Came back from Talkad
here are some photos where we enjoying
Al l of us inthe Somnath temple
All of us in Somnath temple


We enjoyed a lot and had a great time with each other which is truly memorable by everyone in the team.

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